The TechnoGrounds development team is a world leader in mobile application software development. Our team is amongst the brightest and most accomplished mobile app developers in the world. We are amongst the few companies which specialize in a number of notable mobile app function development techniques, including: augmented reality, social media integration, financial transaction execution and advanced mobile app security. This is the same team which served as the back bone for MobileZapp’s unmatched services and worldwide clientele.

Our team at TechnoGrounds is a group of young, motivated and bright individuals. We take pride in the fact that our international clients from around the globe have given us ample exposure into the world of Business and IT. We take IT as a hobby, our interest in the field helps us remain motivated and complete the work efficiently.

We hold pride in our origin. Our offshore location gives us an edge to hire highly skilled talent from a wide pool of selection and to provide quality work at lower rates.

When it comes to our goals, sky is the limit! We represent the new generation with fresh ideas to take your business to next level of success. Our global experience equips us with the ability to understand your business needs to perfection.